Financial models in Microsoft Excel®,
fast and free.

Easily design your model in the online editor
and download a ready-to-use file.


Simple, intuitive online editor

Financial model has at last become transparent. Easily navigate income and expenses, change layout and looks.
Financial Model Editor
Financial Model Editor

Easily manage model resources

Add revenues, expenses, investments and financing to your model with a couple of clicks. Take assumption values straight to your file.

Extend basic model functionality

Select optional analysis modules to include in the model - simply check the required item.
Financial Model Editor
Financial Model Editor

Set model layout and theme

Set historical and forecast term. Choose period length and starting date. Select a multi-sheet or a single-sheet layout. Choose a color theme.

Download the file

Hit the download button and get the model in Microsoft Excel® format with all the links in place and ready to go!
Financial Model Editor

Sample models
Check out models fully generated by Finmodelbuilder.

1. Choose template

2. Choose purpose

3. Download Model

Benefits of starting your next model with Finmodelbuilder:

Cuts your development time

  No tedious cell-linking
  More time for analysis
  Changes made easily

Makes a clean and lean file

  No orphan or excessive data
  Model is built from scratch

Easy to use interface

  No modeling experience is required
  Perfect for beginners and experts

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